Boss Rush Banter: Is Persona 4 or Persona 5 Better?

This is pretty much the easiest Boss Rush Banter I will ever write. I’m going to pose the question, all of you will argue about it, and my article is done. So, here it is: Which is the better game, Persona 4 or Persona 5?

I’ve been told by the Boss Rush Editing staff I have to write more than the intro. Editors and their rules. 

The Persona series made its debut in the West in 1996 on the PlayStation with Revelations:Persona by Atlus. It was standard RPG fare: a group of teenagers fighting against a demon rebellion. You know, the classic high school experience. The series truly made a mark with the release of Persona 3 and the introduction of the “Social Links” system. While there was the traditional RPG-style level grinding, being able to spend time with your party members outside of fighting to improve abilities introduced the question “Which of my friends should I try to waifu?” Again, traditional high school experience.

Fast forward to today, where the brand has exploded in popularity. Multiple anime series, character clothing, Dynasty Warrior-style spinoffs, re-releases of games on new systems, everything is there to get people excited for any kind of announcement. And when it comes to series like this, the question always comes up. Which game is better?

Official Atlus West

First things first, let’s throw out any and all gameplay arguments. To me, they are both the J-est of JRPGs, where the grind is real. There are some differences in certain systems, like gaining Personas and extra attack systems, but it’s like comparing a dog with super floof against a dog with a boopable snoot. They are both very good boys.

What you have left is all the sizzle the games provide, and it literally becomes a big city versus small town argument. Persona 4 takes place in the rural town of Inaba and really doesn’t venture outside the city limits. Persona 5, however, takes place in Tokyo, with the ability to traverse all over the surrounding area with the subway system. Growing up in a small town myself, P4 nails the aesthetic of being stuck in a small area, knowing practically everyone, and creepy unexplained disturbances. 

Official Atlus West

I have to hitch my bandwagon onto Persona 4. I think the story is a better setup than Persona 5: mysterious events happening in a small town works a lot better than “Stupid adults. Think they run the world.” Yes. Yes, we do. I just found the entire plot of Persona 5 to be hacky and done to death. Honestly, every chapter is just a Scooby Doo episode, just with more monsters and discovering your personality type. 

So, how wrong am I? Get on your own soapbox and let us know on the Boss Rush Discord!

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