Sword of the Vagrant Receives New Trailer and Release Date

Originally released on Steam back in 2018 titled The Vagrant is arriving soon on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on December 1st, 2022, but will be titled as Sword of the Vagrant. The game is an action fantasy 2D RPG developed by O.T.K. Games and published by Rainy Frog.

Source: Rainyfrog.com

The game follows Vivian the Vagrant in the land of Mythrilla as she battles through hordes of enemies on beautiful hand-painted and dynamic landscapes. The scenes vary from dense forests to overrun castles which will set the tone of the game.

Battling mostly focuses on chain combos in edition to charge and specialty attacks. The victories will provide spoils that will help improve Vivian’s abilities and equipment. Various types of gameplay are present in the game that cater to the playstyle of the gamer.     

Have you heard of this game? Did you play the original on Steam? What system will you pick this up on? Tell us your thoughts on the game.

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Source: Nintendoeverything.com

Image Source: Rainyfrog.com

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