Boss Rush Banter: Who’s The Most Powerful Robot Master?

For starters, let me preface this banter by saying we will be focusing on the robot masters from Mega Man 1 – 6, the titles that originally came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Debate all you want about which Mega Man title is the best in the series, the true test of Dr. Wily’s creations is which one of his creations was the most powerful and stood the biggest chance of defeating the blue bomber. Even the Russian scientist Dr. Cassock tried to create a robot master powerful enough to crush Mega Man in Mega Man 4, as well as Dr. Light’s own creations in Mega Man 1.

The savvy Mega Man fan would immediate say Guts Man from Mega Man 1 is the most powerful, for obvious reasons; he’s the biggest robot master out of all of them. He doesn’t have an active weapon, he uses his sheer strength to manhandle boulders and toss them at our blue bomber, and can also shake the room when he jumps up into the air and slams onto the ground.

Quick Man from Mega Man 2, while not possessing the most powerful attack with his boomerang, is the quickest robot master out of all of them. His fast movements and room clearing jumps can make him hard to track, and his boomerangs, although not so deadly, are difficult to dodge.

One would also say Shadow Man from Mega Man 3 can be the most powerful. His weapon is a deadly shuriken that has a short range, but is extremely powerful and effective. It returns to its user and does not cost any weapon health when it doesn’t hit its target. He can also clear the room effectively with his quick movements and high jumping ability.

You’d be making a mistake if we didn’t put respect on Skull Man’s name, from Mega Man 4. He doesn’t move very effectively, but who cares when he can spin a virtually impenetrable shield of skulls around him. He plays it smart by only attacking when our blue bomber does, and getting past that shield is tough if you’re not prepared.

Napalm Man from Mega Man 5 is no joke; he runs his own weapons factory! Armed with short range bombs, tank treads for feet and a rocket on his back, he can charge the blue bomber quickly and with deadly force, and even though his bombs don’t travel far, their explosive range is vast, and deadly.

Tomahawk Man from Mega Man 6, while not possessing powerful attacks, knows the art of war. His tactic is pushing Mega Man back into a corner, and then attacking you with speed and deadly force with a rising spinning wheel and sharp feathers. Don’t underestimate him,

You know who aren’t the most powerful robot masters, and are jokes? Cut Man. Really bro, a pair of scissors is your weapon and it moves slowly in a circle? So scary. Oh don’t make me laugh Wood Man, you attack your enemies with leaves. Top Man can’t be taken seriously when his major attack is to spin in circles. Toad Man jiggles his belly and makes it rain, he isn’t anywhere near the most powerful, honestly I kind of feel bad for you. Charge Man is a choo-choo train. Seriously. Plant Man, seriously bro you took a page out of Wood Man’s book to throw dirty leaves at people?

The obvious answer here is Metal Man from Mega Man 2. His weapon is the deadliest out of all the robot masters’ weapons, and can oftentimes destroy enemies in two or three hits. His attacks are extremely deadly and accurate, and his metal blades are made out of pure ceratanium, which is a highly durable and is impervious to wear, dulling and rusting. Don’t come at me, I’d put Metal Man up against any robot master and dance victoriously upon his victory.

I’m sure you’ve got your own opinion on who’s the most powerful robot master, so let’s hear it! Comment below, or head on over to our Discord at the link here, and use the QR code and tell me how right I am that Metal Man is the most powerful robot master.

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