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Microsoft to Host Developer_Direct to Provide Updates on 2023 Games

Microsoft officially scheduled its first Developer_Direct for Wednesday, Jan. 25, providing updates on upcoming first-party projects in the near future for the Xbox.

The Developer_Direct will feature updates from the crews working on Minecraft Legends, Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, and the eighth edition of Forza Motorsport. The direct will be on Xbox’s Twitch and YouTube channels at noon PST/3 p.m. EST as well as Bethesda’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

The direct will also put studio members from Arkane Austin (Redfall), Turn 10 (Forza Motorsport), Mojang Studios (Minecraft Legends), and ZeniMax Online (The Elder Scrolls Online) in front of viewers to personally present.

Furthermore, Microsoft said the stream will include big features, extended gameplay showcases, and the most up-to-date information regarding each title. 

Microsoft did clarify that a standalone show about Starfield is “in the works,” allowing it to “dedicate the proper amount of time for a deep dive.”

Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and Minecraft Legends don’t have concrete release dates outside of just 2023. Elder Scrolls Online will feature a major chapter update along with more information about upcoming new features.

Microsoft confirmed there will be a full, standalone event called ESO Chapter Reveal that will directly follow the Developer_Direct. Zenimax Online Studios will host this event and provide “in-depth details ESO players will be keen to know.”

Microsoft also invited fans to its and Bethesda’s social channels for more information regarding the upcoming direct.

Promotional art for Redfall, which will receive an update during the upcoming Developer_Direct from Microsoft and Bethesda.
Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks (via Steam)

The Developer_Direct comes on the heels of the absence of Xbox announcements during The Game Awards. This left many fans frustrated at the lack of reveals of first-party titles.

This direct follows in the footsteps of Nintendo Directs and Sony’s State of Play events. Microsoft has not revealed if it will host directs on a regular basis.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft hosting its Developer_Direct? Which game are you most looking forward to from the direct? Head over to our Discord channel to share your thoughts and predictions for the upcoming showcase.

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Source: Microsoft (via Comic Book)

Featured Image: Billy Freeman (via Unsplash)

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