Boss Rush Banter: Who’s Your Favorite Fire Emblem Engage Character?

Fire Emblem Engage released this past week, bringing with it a whole new cast of characters to fans. There’s the confident, steady Vander, the plucky twins Framme and Clanne, the main protagonist Alear, and a huge amount of supporting characters. Who are you making sure to bring into battle every time? And who are you inviting to dine with you back at the Somniel? Who’s your favorite Fire Emblem Engage character? 

Male Alear stands with Vander, Framme and Clanne. Image Credit: Nintendo

The Fire Emblem series is a tactical, grid-based RPG from Nintendo, that also has increasingly embraced social sim relationship game mechanics. While Fire Emblem Engage takes a step back from some of the social sim mechanics that the previous entry, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, leaned more heavily into, they are still a part of the game. In addition, one of the more charming aspects of Fire Emblem Engage is the characters. There’s a wide variety of distinct personalities that players can choose to bring into battle and customize and interact with in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage has a more active and talkative Protagonist than the last iteration in the franchise, in the form of Alear. This makes being a fan of the main character a lot easier in this game, at least for some players. As you make your way through the campaign, you recruit tons of interesting and likeable characters to your roster, although everyone will have some characters they prefer and others they dislike. In addition there are optional paralogue battles where you can unlock even more characters. The game is chock full of unique, and sometimes over-the-top, villains as well. Of course there is the emblem ring mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage, whereby previous Fire Emblem characters are involved, so perhaps your favorite character is a returning one from an older game. There is such a large cast from which to pick your favorite.

An early battle in Fire Emblem Engage. Image Credit: Nintendo

Are you the kind of person who likes a character based on their personality and design, or based on their function? There’s a wide variety of character models, although most of them are quite fit and attractive, and the personalities range from shy and quiet to loud and boisterous, and beyond. Beyond that, one way a character can especially endear themselves to a player is if they suit their playstyle in the turn-based tactical battles. Every character has different abilities and skills in battle, and when you find techniques and characters that fit with your preferences for the tactical side, that can give push a character over to being your favorite.

Céline and Emblem Celica. Image Credit: Nintendo

As for me, so far my favorite characters include Boucheron and Chloé. I’m always trying to line up Boucheron to get that extra hit or two in, and Chloé has proven to be one of my more nimble units, able to advance quickly across the field. In addition, I’ve found their character personalities to my liking, so I always make sure to include them both in the line up and check in with them after the battles.

What about you? Who’s your favorite Fire Emblem Engage character? Why? Share your thoughts below in the comments, or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

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