Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Favorite Weapon from the Fallout Series?

In between figuring out how to play as a caveman, Fallout 76 being offered as a PS Plus Freebie, and grinding through a Nuka-World-based rewards system, I have been on one crazy Fallout kick. Don’t get me wrong, they can be janky as hell thanks to getting your feet caught on a chunk of land that you can seemingly step over, parts of quests are stuck behind areas you have no access to, or just going “Y’know what? I’m done working”-CRASH. But even with increasingly frustrating setbacks, the sense of exploration and discovery, the landmarks dreamed up by futurists on codeine, and finding some ridiculous contraption that lets me shoot bowling balls at raiders always keeps me coming back for more. If you’re a pacifist, you’ll have to take the backseat, because we’re choosing violence in the wasteland. So, what is your favorite weapon in the Fallout series

The one thing about combat in the Fallout series is how much it actually depends on dice rolls and random number generator (RNG). It honestly does a really good job convincing you that you’re actually playing a first-person shooter, but there’s so much math going on behind the scenes, you’d think you’re at a convention for statisticians. The neat thing about the weapons, however, is they are iconic themselves. When every game features a trademark launcher in every entry of the series, that’s almost more important than whoever the main character is.

For example, the Fat Man is an infantry launcher that shoots mini nukes at your enemies. Not only does this do a great job at wiping out a horde of Super Mutants, it also shows off the sense of where this parody of the country was at, really lending a hand to the storytelling and world-building for the series. And I’m not even including the MIRV mod, which lets you fire 8 separate mini nukes at once. This is what’s left of America, go big or go home!

That’s another reason why I like the weaponry in the series. Bethesda isn’t afraid of going silly or creative with the ideas. What makes a sledgehammer better? Putting rockets on it! Are you wearing an automatic punching machine? Put some cement with rebar sticking out of it! Holy crap, is your sword on fire? Hell, add a serrated blade, you’ll really get the flames deep with that addition!

But my newest favorite comes from the most recent playthrough. In Fallout 4, whenever you find a legendary enemy, they’ll carry an item with a random legendary effect, and it could be anything, weapons, armor, etc. I found a regular board, one of the most common, lowest level weapons in the game, except it did an additional radiation damage boost called the Irradiated Board. I just love the idea that I’m taking out all these enemies with a nuclear stick, which I hold right by my head, and I’m completely fine from it!

Hey, it’s better than Irritating Stick. (Image Credit: Bethesda)

What about you? What’s the weirdest weapon you’ve found in the Wasteland? Let us know in the Boss Rush Discord.

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