Boss Rush Banter: What Made Shazam! Stand Out?

In a much lengthier wait than anticipated, we are finally less than a week from the premiere of Shazam! Fury of the Gods. The sequel to the quirky and fun 2019 film, I sincerely hope they take one thing from the original movie.

Hands down, the original Shazam! movie was the best superhero film in using practical effects. Thanks to behind-the-scenes documentaries, some things I thought were added by a computer were there.

Here are some of my favorite examples.

The lightning bolt on his chest lit up. There was a system inside the suit, so the lighting looked authentic as it hit the area around it. It’s such a little touch that they could have quickly done it in post.

Another is the scene where Shazam catches a bus. Yes, there were a lot of green screens involved. But the bus was on a roller coaster rig that allowed it to go up and down at various speeds. The stunt people who were passengers were turned vertically to get shots of them falling.

And when the time came for the bus to fall entirely and Shazam to make the heroic catch, they could lower it so that Zachary Levi could “lift” the bus.

The featurette with a behind-the-scenes look is almost as long as the movie itself, and it’s full of insights into how they brought this world to life. In a world of streaming, the DVD is worth it for that feature alone.

Combining practical and special effects, this team created a movie with an authentic feel that the genre has been lacking lately. As much as possible, the actors directly interact with what we see on screen. The sets are real with minimal computer generation, the stunts are coordinated in a way that allows as much realism as possible, and even some of the film’s more fantastical elements have a piece of authenticity to them.

Flying, for example, was done with a rig against a green screen. But, actors who used it were given an exercise regimen to prepare them for those shots. They aren’t idly hanging on wires. They are actively performing in that sequence.

Who knows what awaits us when Shazam! Fury of the Gods premieres next weekend? But I hope that, like its predecessor, this film combines practical and special effects beautifully.

Are you excited for Shazam! Fury of the Gods? What was your favorite sequence in the original? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord!

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