Boss Rush Banter: Who is Your Final Fantasy Dream Team?

In Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, you have the option to form your own Final Fantasy party from a pool of the most recognizable heroes from the series. They get all the big names, like Cloud and Tidus, but the supporting casts aren’t as deep as you think. There’s no Cait Sith, no Steiner, not even a mention of Lulu. While you could compare and contrast the teams from each game, I want to open up the floor to a full filibuster for Final Fantasy. Who is your Final Fantasy dream team?

Throughout the entire franchise, Final Fantasy tells the story of plucky young adventurers, out to defeat evil and save the land. The named characters specifically start in Final Fantasy II, telling the story of Firion and his fight against the Emperor of Palamecia. The original Final Fantasy, however, didn’t really have named characters, just four characters from the playable classes you could choose. They’ve ret-conned this a little bit in the Dissidia Final Fantasy games and the Theatrhythm series, calling the main character the Warrior of Light. I bet the Red Mage of Light looked around with a “What the Hell?” expression when they made that announcement.

From there, the adventurers have hit every personality type one could ask for. You can basically do teams of all dark and brooding main characters, all princesses who question their lineage and aren’t sure if they want to take the throne, or even just all Cids. And even if you couldn’t get all four slots filled up, you can get pretty close. For me, I’m taking Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, and then Yuna, Rikku, and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, and calling them Team No Chance.

Angels, you’ll be going undercover as cosplayers. Image Credit: Square Enix

However, there is one big issue that comes up. When you deal with a franchise that’s been around for 35 years, they have to try and change things up every game, or else things get boring. So they’ve basically gone into every kind of setting possible. From hard fantasy in Final Fantasy IX, to a cyberpunk style in Final Fantasy VII, to the weird current day setting of Final Fantasy XV. I don’t know why that’s my hangup, but it’s just weird to me. The cell phone itself basically is going to confuse anyone lower than 16 bits. Everyone’s panicking because they don’t know where the Princess is, and Noctis just shoots a DM. 

What about you? Who do you want in your Final Fantasy team? All summoners? All airships? Let us know over in the Boss Rush Discord.

Featured Image: Square Enix

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