Boss Rush Banter: Which Current GPU is for You?

This past week, Nvidia launched what might be the closest PC gaming has to the Platonic ideal GPU. In the years since COVID-19 sent shockwaves through every facet of modern life, gaming tech prices shot to such meteoric premiums that only just now are PS5 scalpers peddling at less than MSRP. And here we have the highly-capable GeForce RTX 4070, which debuted at what apparently passes for a reasonable price: $600 USD. The eye-watering prices for graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, and PSUs in recent years have made PC gaming so expensive, it threatens to truly become a rich person’s hobby.

But even at six bills, the 4070 has the press heralding the first good entry point for new players in a long time. A return to sanity can also be seen in the price of RAM. Plus, enthusiasts out to build a new rig are spoiled for choice when it comes to cases and cooling options. And storage options continue to grow in size, while their prices stay put.

Who are we kidding, though? the GPU is the thing! I’d wager that for anyone buying a computer, even if gaming isn’t the main purpose of the machine, choosing from among the most capable modern cards will be their first order of business. I have to admit that the allure of Nvidia’s DLSS 3 processing has me more tempted than ever to wade back into PC gaming, something I haven’t done since the days when adding a dedicated graphics card to your PC was a pretty novel upgrade.

If you’re a PC gamer, what card is sitting place of pride in your case? Is it still pulling its weight or even punching above class? Does the RTX 40 series call to you? Or maybe it’s the still-mighty 30 series? How about Radeon instead? Tell us your favorite GPU or the one you hope to upgrade for next, right here in the comments or over at the Boss Rush Discord.

Featured Image: Nvidia

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3 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: Which Current GPU is for You?

  1. Great points! Likening DLSS to motion smoothing immediately turned my stomach XD. Leaving now to pore over 1650 builds.

    1. I’d probably recommend a 30-series since that should last you about a long time before you simply must upgrade (as much as anyone can predict the future of computing), or a 20-series since that should easily last you most of the decade. The 1650s are using an older architecture. I think they only have another 3-5 years or so left in the tank before we start seriously seeing them age. Of course, ~$150 for 3-5 years of graphics card life is still a steal (though 20-series aren’t significantly more on newegg).

      With a 1650 you’ll need to think more about recommended and max specs of the games you want to play, and how they compare to your PC’s overall specs. You’ll need to keep everything in mind. I find it fun, but others might not. If your computer can run it, I’d recommend an optaine drive. Personally, that’s done a large amount to help the desktop we have which is still running the 1650. But as with everything about computers, unless you’re building from scratch and matching part to part, mileage will vary. Every machine is its own beast.

      The biggest problem with the 1650 is that while it’s reliable and can punch above its weight with some TLC, some AAA games are dropped onto PC without proper care or support. I haven’t personally encountered this problem yet, and most AAA or AA games I play run fine, but I also am aware it’s a growing issue with PC ports of console exclusives. The Last of Us PC port is worse than the others, but it’s not alone.

  2. I not sure there’s enough improvement in 40-series cards over the last generation. I think a more affordable 30-series will cover almost anyone’s needs, unless they want to get into more experimental features like DLSS. But I’m also not convinced that DLSS won’t become looked at like motion smoothing features on a smart TV in a few years.

    But, then, I’ve found that if you’re willing to live like a hot rodder and their prize jalopy, a very affordable lowly 1650 will still get most modern games running at or near max settings.

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