Boss Rush Banter: Are You Apprehensive or Excited For The Vehicles of Tears of the Kingdom?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is only a few days away. While we’ve slowly been drip-fed information about the game, we’ll soon get to explore this new version of Hyrule we’ve all been patiently waiting for, and with this new game come new mechanics to help us along our journey.

A big part of Tears of the Kingdom will be the new ability to make vehicles with objects like wheels, sails, and fans to help you solve problems you might face. Some of these problems could be something like crossing large bodies of water or traversing between the floating islands above Hyrule. The developers have mentioned that they’re excited to see what creations players can come up with while playing through the game, and it seems like we’ll have plenty of resources to help us build.

One of the first trailers showed Link driving what looks to be some kind of car-like vehicle. (Image Source: Nintendo)

When the first trailers first showed Link flying through the sky on a helicopter-like platform, I was excited! I loved how Breath of the Wild showed us more technological advancements in a game series based around standard and typical fantasy elements. In March, we got an extended look at some gameplay, and about half of that was spent on the assembly of one of these creations. This concerned me. Is half of our playthrough going to be spent building creations? Or are they going to be optional? How do you feel about these vehicles?

At its core, I think it’s a fun idea. It’s something that builds upon the theme of Breath of the Wild with the advancement of technology via magic, and I’m excited for the engineers out there who will spend countless hours designing and building the perfect machines. This new way of solving problems is reminiscent of what helped make Breath of the Wild such a fun game. There’s never just one way to solve a problem, so I doubt there will be only one vehicle you’ll 100% need.

Breath of the Wild may have hinted to these technological advancements in the DLC, featuring a motorcycle Link could ride. (Image Source: Nintendo)

I’m sure I’ll enjoy building different vehicles to help me solve problems, but one fear that I have is that this will take up too much time. While this game will be a massive time-sink regardless, I really hope we aren’t forced to spend too much time building rather than exploring. Vehicles weren’t what made people fall in love with Breath of the Wild, and so many players are going to be perfectly content with simply having more Hyrule to explore. While vehicles will definitely help with this exploration, let’s hope our journey won’t rely too heavily on these creations. 

What do you think? Are you already planning different vehicles you want to build once you get the game, or are you nervous these vehicles will be an obstacle for you to work around on your quest to save Hyrule? Let us know in a comment, or join the Boss Rush Discord and join the conversation. 

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  1. I’m certainly apprehensive. Tears of the Kingdom seems to be moving farther away from the kind of experience I want (not only from a Zelda game, but in general).

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