Boss Rush Banter: Higher Expectations for the Upcoming Alien Film or Television Series?

Fans of the Alien franchise have grown accustomed to suffering; whether it’s the brutal lean years between films or the shockingly disappointing manifestations of those rare productions, fans have learned to expect as much success as a Weyland-Yutani colony. Throw in gut-punches like the disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines and . . . yeah . . . game over, man!

Suddenly, however, Alien fans find themselves in an unusual position with two promising creative projects in the works (and a number of intriguing video games, as well!). While some are understandably holding on to cynicism, both the film and the television series seem to be in good hands.

Fede Alvarez is directing the upcoming Alien film.

At Disney’s 2020 Investor Day, the company announced Noah Hawley would be directing an upcoming television series set to air on FX and Hulu. Hawley, who is best known for his hit FX-series Fargo, is a choice that excited many fans who are curious what the talented director could do with the science-fiction franchise. The story is set on Earth before the inevitable events of Alien. A major focus of the series will be the dangers of artificial intelligence and androids. Despite Hawley’s clear talent, this detail of the show direction is a concern for some who view Ridley Scott’s influence on the franchise as problematic of late, and would instead like to see a return to form for the terrifying Xenomorph.

Enter Fede Alvarez. In 2022, 20th Century Studios announced a new Alien film was on the way and that it would be led by respected horror-director Alvarez. The film would eventually become known as Alien: Romulus. Not many details are yet known about the plot of the stand-alone film, but it will focus on a group of young people who cross paths with the Xenomorph. That detail is key for the optimism many now hold for the film, as it promises a return to the franchise’s horror roots rather than the Colonial Marine warfare that characterized the creatures as “bugs.” Many are also intrigued by the notion of a “lock-in” style Alien film akin to Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe. Finally, the success of the similarly produced Prey (made directly for Hulu), has some fans believing another good Alien film could actually happen.

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