Listen In: Tabletop RPG Dreams and Machines Premieres in an Audio Drama

In the run-up to the new tabletop RPG Dreams and Machines‘ arrival, Modiphius Entertainment has released the first episode of a new audio drama.

Modiphius Entertainment is best known as the publishers of tabletop games like Achtung! CthulhuDune: Adventures in the ImperiumConanStar Trek Adventures, and Mike Rayhawk’s BrikWars.

The audio drama is written and directed by Rachel J. Wilkinson. It stars Marta da Silva as Jen Masali, Vyn Vox as Bucki, Andrew Alandy as Izu Chavez, Jeran Ugokwe as Dr. Samar Tiju, and Dian Geist as Simon. Mixing and mastering were performed by Brandon Strader, and sound design by Wilkinson.

Video Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

The premise of Dreams and Machines is a post-post apocalyptic story of saving the human race in deep space.

Dreams and Machines is a world cut off from earth. A far flung outpost of humanity, where mechs and futuristic tech dominated society.

The world is in ruins after a war with the machines. Now, mechs lay dormant but when they activate, these ‘Wakers’ bring destruction.

Factions like the Archivists and Dreamers are rebuilding the world in their own way. Growing and trading what they can with other Everan communities.

The shadowy spectre of the dark city skulks around and the malevolent corrupted AI known as ‘The Builder’ is plotting against humanity.

What will you do to save the human race?

Modphius Entertainment

Dreams and Machines is one of their first purely original settings, and is created by Modiphius COO Chris Birch. It is planned to spin-off into a series of tabletop RPG games — including a skirmish miniature game — several board games, novels, and a potential television series and video games.

Dreams and Machines will release on August 23. It is expected to be available in print and digital. A starter kit will see early release at Gen Con in early August.

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Source: Modiphius Entertainment

Featured Image: Dreams and Machines

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