Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth – Annapurna Interactive Reintroduces the Series to Gaming after 25 Years

For the first time in 25 years, Blade Runner is returning to gaming. Annapurna Interactive, publisher of games including Outer Wilds and The Unfinished Swan, is developing Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth as its first game developed in-house.

Set between Ridley Scott, Hampton Fancher, and David Peoples’ original film and Blade Runner 2049, this game explores the aftershocks of  Shinichiro Watanabe’s short film Blade Runner Black Out 2022. Since its reintroduction in the run-up to the sequel, the Blade Runner franchise has been surprisingly tightly-wound, with events from any part of the franchise coming into play, the ramifications of each story bedeviling new protagonists.

What is the new game’s hook? Perhaps not the one you expected for a game where you play a Blade Runner.

“Lots of people lost things in the Black Out.

I was lucky, I just lost a job.

But now they want me back.”

Set between the original film and 2049, Blade Runner 2033 takes place after the events of the Black Out and asks: what does a Blade Runner do when there are no Replicants left to hunt?

Annapurna Interactive
Video Credit: Annapurna Interactive

The game’s exact genre is still under-wraps, though Steam tags include “Adventure,” “Exploration,” and “Investigation.” Considering Annapurna Interactive’s published games, it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s a first-person game with an investigatory focus.

The release date has yet to be announced, and PC is the only confirmed platform (though PlayStation and Xbox consoles seem likely).

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Source: Annapurna Interactive

Featured Image: Annapurna Interactive

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