Boss Rush Banter: Leaks Destroy Excitement

With Grand Theft Auto 6 being highly anticipated, leaks are in the air. I couldn’t help but wonder how the developers react to them spreading. I wondered if it causes the company to rush development or make last-minute changes that affect the overall quality of the project just because fans are expecting something to happen later this year. No doubt it’s a ton of pressure.

And I know leaks might be helpful to some in order to prepare for upcoming devices, games, or updates. People want to save money or in-game resources so they’re the first in line. When it comes to films or shows, trigger warnings are useful despite containing spoilers.

There are plenty of scenes from television shows that I’ve watched before knowing anything about them. Scrolling through social media and seeing Cillian Murphy’s performance in Peaky Blinders used as a meme was enough to convince me to give the show a try.

Small bits of information or clips shown by viewers have potential use as promotion. It builds interest, shows us what’s to come, and what characters to look out for. The season three Peaky Blinders clip revealed almost nothing and is hilarious. Although, some things contain too much information and spoil surprises for good. Imagine if the trailers of the mystery film series, Knives Out, revealed all the plot twists. Watching all the drama unfold wouldn’t be as fun if you know everything. Horror movies thrive on the unknown and suspense just as much as the mystery genre does.

Take the trailer for What Lies Beneath as an example.

Video Credit: Dreamworks & Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Down to the twist and antagonist, it tells us things we should only find out by watching the movie. However, I think companies can release whatever style of teasers, warnings, and trailers as they see fit. After all, it’s their project and they should solely be responsible for what’s shown or not. Criticism can follow later.

Often, leaks contain incorrect information or reveal unfinished elements of the video game that catalyze wrongful judgment of a project that isn’t close to being done. It’s never fair to the people working on it.

I love to speculate about something I’m interested in and I’m sure others do too. Leaks will happen whether we want them to or not, but we can’t ignore the fact that it dwindles excitement or gets fans’ hopes up. When a video game’s supposedly in the works and doesn’t get released, it’s disappointing and pushes blame towards the creators.

Just remember to take leaks with a grain of salt or ignore them altogether. 

What do you think about leaks and spoilers? Share your opinions in the comments or discuss it with us directly in the Boss Rush Discord!

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