Genshin Impact’s Music Contest Ends December First

Genshin Impact has begun its music contest that comes with the prize of a merchandise bundle!  Submissions for this contest lasts until December 1, 2023 23:59 (UTC+8). Winners will be announced by December 15. 

How to Participate

Participants simply have to sing over their favorite Genshin Impact song to be randomly selected as a winner.

Participants can post their tunes onto X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. However, although participants can post amongst all platforms, they are only eligible to win one merchandise bundle. Players should add the hashtags #MyGenshinImpactSong and #GenshinImpact to their posts. 


A total of 50 merchandise bundles will be given out randomly amongst all submissions. This bundle prize includes a random Genshin Impact mouse mat, an electro hillichurl grenadier plushie hangable, a Rex Lapis series round cushion, and three random Genshin Impact themed series character tinplate badges. 

Additional Rules and Restrictions

Any content published that is unrelated to the event including advertisement links is prohibited. Furthermore, prizes will not be stacked, even if participants have submitted multiple submissions. The prizes are limited to one bundle for one participant. 

Although there are several platforms in which this contest takes place on, there is no set guideline as to how many prizes will be handed out to each platform. Instead, the 50 prizes will be randomly selected throughout all platforms. 

The 50 selected winners will have their posts further combed through by official organizers to ensure that they are compliant with the contest rules. Any that do not will automatically forfeit their prize meaning that it’s possible not all 50 prizes may be given out. 

The organizers will not tolerate any plagiarism or misappropriation that violates others’ copyright. If needed, cite the original source and obtain permission to post the content. In the scenario that a post is selected to receive a prize without such authorization, their prize will be forfeited. 

Any winning works must remain online for at least seven days after results are announced. This is to ensure that they can be verified by the organizers. Any post deleted after announcements will be considered to have forfeited their merchandise bundle. 

The winners must submit their prize information within a specified time after the list of winners have been announced. A winner’s failure to meet this deadline or inputting incorrect information will not have their prize reissued. 

If a selected winner resides in a country with any additional costs in international transfer, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure these costs are handled as well as any other legal procedures. Any costs that come with directly delivering the merchandise prizes will be handled by the organizers. 

Winners automatically give HoYoverse the authority to publish and use their work on public platforms. 

For more information, visit the contest’s webpage that further explains the rules and regulations. 

Will you be participating in this music contest? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or in our Boss Rush Discord!

News Source: HoYoverse

Featured Image Source: HoYoverse

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