Rope Talk: Winners and Losers “The Build to Mania”

The crew at Rope Talk have been working on a new weekly article, and it’s finally here!

Each week the crew will put together a winning and losing segment from either WWE or AEW, so let’s get into it!

Winner: WWE NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver (Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole)

Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole were half of the most dominant faction in NXT called the Undisputed Era. Earlier this year Adam Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly forcing Undisputed to break up, this coming off an incredible 2020 for Undisputed as they found tag team success, and O’Reilly had his first chance as a singles competitor. Thursday night in an unsanctioned match where Kyle and Adam faced off to prove how undisputed these two superstars really are. Punch after punch, brutal step shots, and even chains were involved in this emotional affair that tore apart the WWE Universe. O’Reilly vs Cole is an early contender for match of the year and that is why this is our winner this week.

Loser: AEW Mike Tyson

AEW has absolutely dominated NXT in the “Wednesday Night Wars” ratings, but on Wednesday AEW played a move of desperation. AEW is building an incredible match between Pinnacle (led by MJF) vs The Inner Circle (led by Chris Jericho). In an attempt to hype this match up, AEW CEO Tony Khan pulled in boxing legend Mike Tyson. Jericho started the segment in a “talking head” before he was attacked by MJF and Pinnacle. Jericho was attacked while his crew the Inner Circle were locked in their dressing room leading to save by Mike Tyson. This entire segment reeked of desperation for ratings, Pinnacle locking Inner Circle in their dressing room felt like lazy writing to give a reason for Tyson to show up. Credit to Christ Jericho for doing his best to sell this segment but for us it just didn’t hit.

Who were your winners and losers from the week? Let us know in the comments section!

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