Boss Rush Banter: What Obscure Franchise Do You Want To Make A Return?

With my brother being the Sega kid and I the Nintendo kid, we both enjoyed video games together on occasions. We never argued which system was the best because we had both worlds in our room and on that one television. He had his sports, and I had everything else. Along with his sports. We never ventured out to acquire other platforms; but one year, while owning the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, I actually decided to go against Nintendo. That’s right, everyone.

I asked for a Turbografx-16.

Seeing the commercials and the games that came along with it, I was excited about owning another console. It was around that time that my brother was drifting away from video games, and I was drawing closer.

Finally, for Christmas I was gifted the Turbografx-16 and included with the system was my first game that surprised me into loving it. Keith Courage In Alpha Zones. Developed by Advance Communication Company, Keith Courage In Alpha Zones had a distinct level design. In human form, you would fight enemies in a town and collect money known as Zenny. When you got to the end though, you transform into a mechanoid fighter. The sword you started out with turned into a laser infused weapon. As you progressed in the game, your sword got longer and longer.

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I was into this game because of the platforming and the fighting. Jumping around and hitting enemies as a kid felt so good in this action platformer. Especially with the gamepad having built in rapid-fire that you can switch on, it made playing the game easier and exciting. The bosses were a delight to destroy, and the final boss may have had one of the easiest strategies to defeat.

As I spent time with the system and playing other games, I always wondered why the game never got a sequel. Now with a lot older games getting revisions and sequels, I can see Keith Courage In Alpha Zones getting a reboot or a sequel. With games from the Streets Of Rage franchise, Blaster Master, and even Wonder Boy having success, players would enjoy Keith Courage In Alpha Zone.

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PlatinumGames would be a great fit for this title. They have experience in the mech field with Vanquish and Transformers. We know them for their stylish action with Bayonetta and Astral Chain. We also can’t forget their transformation series Viewtiful Joe. I would love to kick evil’s butt with their gameplay and arsenal of weapons that they can input.

I know its basic and not impressive. Many people didn’t own the game, nor the system; but with some games from the 80s and 90s coming back, why not Keith Courage In Alpha Zones? I would love to return to the franchise with some new paint and game play mechanics.

Have you heard about this game from the past? What obscure franchise do you want to make a return? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord or share in the comments below.

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