Konami Withdraws from 2021 E3 Lineup

The 2021 lineup for E3 has drawn lots of excitement from gamers after a tumultuous year. BANDI NAMCO, Epic Games, Nintendo, Sega, and Square Enix are just a sampling of the power players attending the event. Among the mix was Konami, a well known developer and publisher, most known for its Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear Solid franchises. In a shocking twist, Konami tweeted a statement on April 30th:

“Due to timing we will not be ready to present at E3 this year. We want to reassure our fans that we are in deep development on a number of key projects, so please stay tuned for some updated in the coming months…”

Twitter: @KONAMI

The ESA expressed its support:

“We support our partner Konami’s decision to not participate in E3 this year and are excited to see what they’ll be announcing in the future when they’re ready to do so. We can’t wait for their return to E3 2022, but in the meantime, we look forward to sharing all of the highly-anticipated reveals, programming and so much more at this year’s E3.”


What does this mean? It’s hard to determine what projects they are working on, but it left many to speculate. Konami has not focused on releasing major titles since Hideo Kojima left in 2015. What we do know is that at the Indie World Showcase, Konami announced a remake of Famicom’s GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. This leaves many hopeful that Konami has once again shifted its attention back to developing potentially significant games–new or remade. While some gamers expressed cynicism, others are optimistic regarding the extra time Konami is investing into these mystery projects.

Regardless, Konami has bowed out of E3; however, the company’s vague but hopeful tweet tells fans that the time will be used wisely.

Source: IGN

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