Netflix and CD Projekt Red Team Up for Witchercon

Netflix and CD Projekt Red have revealed Witchercon, a joint event taking place on July 9th and labeled as an “epic online celebration of the franchise.”

The event promises to be “full of surprises and exclusive first looks,” though the game’s developer has been quick to add that “no new Witcher game will be announced.”

Although it is unclear exactly what will be shown, fans can expect to get at least glimpses of several projects. Season 2 of the Netflix live-action Witcher series was unveiled just yesterday via a teaser, thus a full trailer is certainly within the realm of probability.

Netflix also announced last year plans of a Witcher prequel mini-series, which will focus on the very first member of the monster hunting guild. More information on this new show is also anticipated.

Gamers should also expect to see footage of the next-gen version of the extremely successful The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which should have faster loading and improved graphics that takes full advantage of updated hardware. It’s also been rumored to utilize fanmade mods, which is said to greatly improve upon the original gameplay.

 Lastly, ports or remakes of the previous two Witcher games from CD Projekt Red could also make an appearance, though this admittedly is the least probable of the above speculated reveals.

Are you excited for Witchercon? What do you hope to see make an appearance? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: The Witcher

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