Loki Review: “Journey Into Mystery”

Variants welcome to another review of Loki; this is our next to the last episode for the season! Next week as we wrap the show up we will take a look at the entire season and give our take on how Loki compares to the other Marvel shows on Disney+. Last week, we watched as Loki and Sylvie joined forces to take down the Time Keepers, and the episode finished with Loki “dying” and Sylvie holding Ravonna at knifepoint. 


This week’s episode began with Sylvie questioning Ravonna on who created the TVA and why the Time Keepers were actually just androids; Ravonna stalls Sylvie’s questioning, and several TVA agents storm Sylvie. Sylvie hides behind a table and just as several TVA agents go to attack, Sylvie takes her own life and disappears.

Loki awakens to find himself in an apoplectic world; and as he looks up, he sees several other “Lokis” surrounding him. The Lokis tells Loki that the world he is in is protected by a giant mystic creature and escape isn’t possible. Loki follows the other Lokis into their hideout, and each shares about what they did wrong in their respective timelines. Loki finds himself questioning why they can’t attempt an escape, and he devises a plan to defeat the creature. 

 Sylvie awakens to find herself in the same world that Loki is in; however, she is in a bus that is right next to the creature that guards the planet. Sylvie attempts to run from the creature but begins to fail. Just as she fails, a taxi cab driven by Agent Mobius comes to the rescue. Mobius rescues Sylvie, and together they find Loki; Loki tells Mobius and Sylvie of his plan to defeat the creature that guards the planet and find out who is really behind the TVA. 

Loki and Sylvie set off to defeat the creature, and with the help of one of the other Loki’s, Sylvie and Loki lock in a connection with the creature and being to use enchantment to try and defeat the creature; after several minutes the creature explodes in a cloud of green. As the creature explodes, the world opens up and a castle is seen in the distance. Loki and Sylvie walk hand in hand towards the castle, and the episode ends.


Loki is really hitting its stride, and this season is a great example of why it is leagues above the other Marvel shows. I think Loki has found its strength by showing that every “villain” has a cause behind their actions. I think back to how in Infinity War, I felt like Thanos had a perfectly logical explanation behind his actions, and I think Loki does something similar by showing the human side behind the namesake character.

I love this episode because it continues to explore the spark between Loki and Sylvie, but not in an “oh we have to make these characters fall in love” way; it feels like the attraction is built on a mutual dislike for how the other has lived their respective life. There’s an old saying that opposites attract, and Loki sees how love could have saved him in his own timeline had he opened himself to be vulnerable and accept that all he ever wanted was to feel loved. 

A huge highlight for Loki continues to be the performance of Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius; this week he showcased how he has instant chemistry with anyone he works with including Sylvie. I genuinely loved this episode and can’t wait to see what the finale brings! 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Comment below and we will feature it in next week’s piece!

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