Loki Review: “For All Time, Always”

Welcome variants to the final episode review of Loki. The show has been an unbelievable addition to Disney + and has added mystery to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ways we haven’t seen before out of an episodic show. At the end of this review, we will look back at the entire season of Loki and give our thoughts and impressions about Season 1. Last week, we watched as Sylvie and Loki defeated the guard to the world unknown; this week, we begin our journey at the doorstep of “He Who Remains.” 


Sylvie and Loki enter a house located in the world that they unlocked when they defeated the guard in last week’s episode. Upon their entry, they are approached by Miss Minutes (the AI assistant of “He Who Remains” and AI of the TVA) who offers them a deal; if they leave now, Sylvie and Loki will be granted the life that they always wanted. Loki would not only win the Battle of New York but is promised that he would defeat Thanos. Sylvie is promised a life full of love and happiness, but the big thing is that Sylvie and Loki are promised to live within the same timeline. Sylvie refuses to take the deal and ushers Loki into a room filled with statues, a door opens at the end of the room where “He Who Remains” (played by Jonathan Majors) is sitting on a bench. 

“He Who Remains” takes Sylvie and Loki down to his office and explains how the universe came to be, how the multiverse fought for generations, and how he created the TVA. After several minutes, Sylvie asks why “He Who Remains” allowed her and Loki to find him. “He Who Remains” explains that he is exhausted taking care of the timeline, but he knows it’s his job. He gives Loki and Sylvie a choice: kill him and take over the timeline (allowing chaos to ensue) or allow him to keep running the TVA. “He Who Remains” warns Loki and Sylvie that killing him would allow him to reincarnate, and his next form would be the most dangerous the universe has ever known. Loki and Sylvie try to figure out what to do but inevitably end up having a sword fight that ends with Sylvie kicking Loki through a portal to the TVA. Sylvie approaches “He Who Remains” and strikes him in the chest. The episode ends with the Sacred Timeline split off into several different branches and chaos at the TVA.


This episode was a perfect ending to a phenomenal season of Loki. I can’t think of any piece of Marvel content that I have been this enthralled or obsessed with; you have to love the originality and creativity shown in Loki. This episode really focuses on the internal struggles that both Loki and Sylvie have been battling throughout this season. One of Marvel’s best qualities is that they never give up on showing the human side to villains; Loki evolved this season from a villain who could never quite accomplish his goals to someone who understands what love feels like and has respect for the greater good. Sylvie on the other hand betrayed any trust she gained with Loki by killing “He Who Remains” and ultimately creating pure and utter chaos. Overall, I loved the episode, and I think it was the perfect conclusion to a phenomenal season. 

Season 1 of Loki sets up a very interesting future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Sylvie setting off the Sacred Timeline allows for a multiverse war unlike anything we have ever seen before. Marvel has teased that Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness will be the scariest movie made in the MCU, and with how Loki looked, it’s easy to see where Marvel might be headed with future films. “He Who Remains” mentioned in this week’s episode that his next form will be the most dangerous he has ever been, which I think sets up for Kang The Conquerer. Marvel needs the next “Thanos” like villain to be its most brutal and terrifying yet and Kang the Conquerer is one that would absolutely deliver on both of those fronts. Overall, I absolutely love the layers that Loki brought to the MCU, and feel it puts Marvel in a wonderful, if not terrifying place going forward into Season 2! 

Thanks for reading this review of Loki; Boss Rush Entertainment reviews pick up on July 24 with Season 2 of Ted Lasso.

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