Loki Review: Lamentis

Welcome to another review of Loki. This show has been absolutely incredible, and I love the feedback we are getting on these reviews. Remember, if you have an idea of how to improve anything on Boss Rush Entertainment feel free to email us at ebossrush@gmail.com! This week’s episode has a fairly short plot so this week’s synopsis will be more condensed than normal. Let’s take a look at this week’s episode! 


Last week, we watched as Loki followed the Variant through a portal, and this week the episode began with the Variant using the portal to go to the TVA and taking out guards on her way to the golden elevator that she hopes will take her to the Time Keepers. Right before she gets to the elevator, Loki stops the Variant and offers to work with her; while they are talking, several TVA agents attack, and Loki uses the portal device to teleport the Variant and himself to an apocalyptic world. The Variant and Loki toy the line between friend and enemies as they learn about each other while trying to figure out a way to charge the portal device. As the two are getting to know each other, the Variant reveals her name to be Sylvie. Loki and Sylvie get on a train to take them to a city where they can recharge the device. Once they arrive they find that the apocalyptic event has already begun, and they have to run through the city to avoid being hit by a planet that is colliding with the one they are on; the episode ends with Sylvie getting hit by a meteor. 


I have a love/hate relationship with this episode of Loki; on one hand, I love that they shared a human side to Sylvie, and on the other hand I think Marvel showed too much of a human side to Sylvie. As Marvel revealed more about Sylvie, I wondered how the TVA could not track her down and stop her. In this episode, she talks about how she uses an enchantment, and to me it almost made her seem weak compared to Loki. I really enjoyed all the character interaction on the train, and I love that Marvel almost teased something romantic between Loki and Sylvie. Overall, I really enjoyed the episode, and I can’t wait for next week! 

What did you think of this week’s episode of Loki? Comment below, and we will add into next week’s review!

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