Boss Rush Banter: What is the Best Way to Handle Online Trolls in the Gaming Community?

I have found some of the most likeable, friendly people in the gaming community; however, like all other communities out there, it is not immune to the dreaded trolls. If someone posts a gaming-related question or comment on social media that is even remotely controversial, it has the potential to release a onslaught of name-calling and judgement.

Here are some real life comments from gamer trolls (names of social media platform removed for privacy):

  • “How about f*** off with your sexuality bs in a group chat about gaming. Thanks.”
  • “All this is woke bullshit.”
  • “Self-righteous d-bags…Go fk yourselves lol.”
  • “This guy is an idiot.”

The bullying extends beyond those in these gaming communities, as trolls have no problem attacking devs and actors/actresses in the industry. Remember the backlash from The Last of Us II? Laura Bailey, who voices Abby, shared some horrific Tweets:

There are a variety of ways to respond to these spineless bullies–some methods may be more successful than others. The knee-jerk reaction is to defend yourself, but sometimes this approach leads to a lengthy battle down a rabbit hole where you emerge mentally exhausted than victorious. I personally have fallen into that trap, only to learn the best way to ignore them entirely. Other methods include reporting them, muting the conversation, and even complimenting them (not sure about the last one, in my opinion). Check out E-sports News UK‘s article, Eight Ways to Handle Online Gaming Trolls.

It is important to know that online trolls feed off attention, and so I think it is important to stop and think before you reply, if you reply at all.

Have you been a victim of online bullying? How have you responded? We would love to know your thoughts on our Boss Rush Discord channel. Remember, you are not alone and there are awesome, kind gamers out there to have wonderful conversations with.

Source(s): E-sports News UK

Image Source: Online Moderation

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