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The Pigskin Poindexter: A Brilliant Troll Makes the Play in Blood Bowl

Ripper Bolgrot, a troll with the fantastic ability to think, can soon join your Blood Bowl team. His signature spectacles and thinking cap show his brains. His stature and fists show his brawn. What combination could be more powerful – or more costly – for a Blood Bowl player?

Blood Bowl is a board game originally designed by Jervis Johnson in 1986. A loving parody of classic Warhammer Fantasy, it asks one all-important question: “What if all the Warhammer factions could work out their differences with a ‘friendly’ game of American football?”

During a battle, the Dwarfs and Orcs discovered the strange temple of the god Nuffle, and the rules that makes up his rites. After that – and discovering the strange, green grass-like surface the games are played on – the game of Blood Bowl spread throughout the world, replacing war…but not the violence.

But who is Ripper Bolgrot? The only scholars who could keep up with him say:

Ripper wasn’t always the stunningly brilliant specimen he is today – once upon a time, he was regarded as particularly dense even for a Troll, before a secret regimen of ‘sports therapy’ turned his brain inside out. Soon after, the sight of a Troll hollering orders, executing complex strategies, and counting higher than three got the attention of the Blood Bowl league.

Known as much for his startling attention to the fine print on contracts as he is his tremendous right hook, Ripper Bolgrot’s meteoric rise has gone down in Blood Bowl history.

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Unusually, his ability Thinking Man’s Troll can be used twice per game. He may reroll one die that was part of almost any test. A truly powerful, strategic ability that aids his physical prowess on the field.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

Able to read even the smallest print on his contracts, Ripper Bolgrot costs an extraordinary 250,000 GP to enlist for your Blood Bowl team.

This model is cast in resin. Resin is excellent for capturing fine detail and for painting, but has a significant downside. Unlike metal and plastic models, which you can safely modify, resin should be left as-is unless you know what you’re doing. Resin’s dust is a carcinogenic hazard.

While no specific release date has been announced, Ripper Bolgrot will be available from Games Workshop’s Forge World soon.

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