An Ancient Foe of the Dwarfs Takes the Field in Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl

As Games Workshop puts it, “Imagine waking up after centuries of deathly slumber to discover your favourite pastime – war – has been eliminated. What’s an enterprising conqueror (with a particular distaste for Dwarfs) to do when his skull-cracking talents are going to waste? If you’re anything like Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud, the answer is simple – sign up with your local Blood Bowl team.”

Blood Bowl is a board game originally designed by Jervis Johnson in 1986. A loving parody of classic Warhammer Fantasy, it asks one all-important question: “What if all the Warhammer factions could work out their differences with a ‘friendly’ game of American football?”

During a battle, the Dwarfs and Orcs discovered the strange temple of the god Nuffle, and the rules that makes up his rites. After that – and discovering the strange, green grass-like surface the games are played on – the game of Blood Bowl spread throughout the world, replacing war…but not the violence.

Raised from his most recent death by a necromantic coach looking for more offensive punch in his lineup, Ivan Deathshroud felt nothing but furious contempt for the war-less world he found himself in. It wasn’t until he watched his first Blood Bowl game that the undead warrior found a new calling, taking to the gridiron with the murderous glee of a born Blitzer.Back in his days as a flesh-and-blood warlord, Ivan launched many a campaign against the Dwarf holds of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and his vendetta hasn’t been dimmed by his time away from the world. A chance encounter with the Grudge Bearers revealed his past identity to the world and – much to Ivan’s delight – a throng of fight-ready fans now follows him around to try and settle their ancestors’ grudges.

After a successful stint with the Hel Fenn Hellions, ‘The Animal’ struck out on a quest to reclaim lost treasure from his glory days, and returned with enough gold to buy out his contract. Now free to hop between whichever undead teams have the highest chance of playing against Dwarf kind, Ivan cements his moniker with a brutally straightforward style that’s especially dangerous whenever his preferred targets find themselves within reach.

Warhammer Community

Ivan is a powerful opponent with his Block, Juggernaut, and Regeneration skills – and his special ability Dwarfen Scourge helps him smash through armor (an abilitiy that only becomes more powerful against dwarfs. Costing 190,000 GP, he can be added to Sylvanian Spotlight teams.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

This model is cast in resin. Resin is excellent for capturing fine detail and for painting, but has a significant downside. Unlike metal and plastic models, which you can safely modify, resin should be left as-is unless you know what you’re doing. Resin’s dust is a carcinogenic hazard.

Games Workshop no longer credits model designers and painters by name. This is unacceptable. As the creative force that keeps the company running, the artists responsible deserve full, clear, and public credit.

While no specific release date has been announced, Ivan Deathshroud will be available from Games Workshop’s Forge World soon.

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Source: Warhammer Community

Featured Image: Warhammer Community

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