Stampede on the Gridiron: Blood Bowl Drafts Grashnak Blackhoof

Grashnak Blackhoof, a terrifyingly massive beastman, is the latest miniature you can pull onto your tabletop Blood Bowl team.

Blood Bowl is a board game originally designed by Jervis Johnson in 1986. A loving parody of classic Warhammer Fantasy, it asks one all important question: “What if all the Warhammer factions could work out their differences with a ‘friendly’ game of American football?”

During a battle, the Dwarfs and Orcs discovered the strange temple of the god Nuffle, and the rules that makes up his rites. After that – and discovering the strange, green grass-like surface the games are played on – the game of Blood Bowl spread throughout the world, replacing war…but not the violence.

But who is Grashnak Blackhoof? Fans demand to know.

Nobody quite knows where Grashnak came from – stories about his early career flow like spilled ale through many a sporting tavern – but his trail through the Blood Bowl circuit has been one of broken bones, gored sternums, and crowd-pleasing bloodshed. His shockingly violent performance in his rookie year earned him back-to-back Best Newcomer and Most Vicious Player awards, and he’s since racked up a body count eclipsed only by the legendary Morg ‘n’ Thorg. 

His greatest claim to fame isn’t even a sporting achievement as such, but rather that Blood Bowl officials have long since stopped counting the injured players left in his wake. His hyper-aggressive style translates right into your games too – a mighty Strength 6 combined with a laundry list of offensive skills.

Warhammer Community

His signature ability, Gored By the Bull, will make him a menace on the field.

Image Credit: Warhammer Community

This model is cast in resin. Resin is excellent for capturing fine detail, and holds paint well, but has a significant downside. It is exceptionally difficult to do anything with resin beyond painting a model as-is, as its fine dust is a carcinogenic hazard.

You can hire Mr. Blackhoof for 240,000 GP for any Favored of Chaos team.

While no specific release date has been announced, Grashnak Blackhoof will be available from Games Workshop’s Forge World soon.

What do you think? Will you mess with the bull, and risk getting the horns? Let us know in the comments below, or head to our Discord channel to join the conversation.

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Source: Warhammer Community

Featured Image: Warhammer Community

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