Nintendo Switch Hardware Sales Now Just Shy of 90 Million Units

On August 5, 2021, Nintendo released financial information related to the fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2021. During the second quarter of 2021, the Switch sold 3.31M traditional Switch units and 1.14M Switch Lite units. These additional nearly 4.5M units bring the total Switch hardware sales to date up to 89.04 million units.

This Switch is currently in second place in terms of Nintendo’s home consoles for units sold. According to Nintendo, its best selling console, the Wii, sold 101.63 million units during its life time. With the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model set to release October 8, 2021, it’s not hard to imagine the Switch reaching over 100 million units and surpassing the Wii in the next few years. Nintendo itself projects 25.5M units to be sold during the current fiscal year (starting April 2021 and ending March 2022), which if accurate would indeed have the Switch surpassing the Wii’s sales sometime before April 2022.

In addition to hardware numbers, Nintendo’s financial reports outline updates to the total number of software units, or game titles, sold. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to dominate the lifetime software sales at 37.08 million units sold. A newcomer to the top ten list of most sold software is Ring Fit Adventure, which has now sold 11.26 million units due in part to its large demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Nintendo

Image Source: Nintendo

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