Sora Soars into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

The wait is finally over: the final challenger joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster is Sora from Kingdom Hearts! He will be available beginning October 18th for $5.99 USD individually, and is part of the second Fighter’s Pass DLC for the game.

Sora has been a major fan request for years now, as many believe that his robust skillset would be perfect for Smash’s gameplay.

He has also been a point of contention for fans as well, as he is “yet another” sword wielding fighter, which many feel is too abundant in the fighting game. Square Enix also has plenty if other representatives in the game, including Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy.

Still, Sora’s inclusion is exciting as it opens the door for a whole host of Square Enix and Disney characters to make an appearance in the game. Sora has teamed up with such Disney icons as Donald Duck, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Buzz Lightyear in the Kingdom Hearts games.

And anyway, who can be mad at the inclusion of Yoko Shimomura’s timeless soundtrack? In total, 9 songs representing the Kingdom Hearts games will make an appearance.

Sora will of course come with his own stage in which to duke it out. The Hollow Bastion level flies around the titular ancient castle while players fight atop one long platform and a smaller plank hovering in the middle. When time is running out, or there is low stock of lives, the level will transform into a dark abyss that is adorned with a stained glass window featuring a character from the franchise, including Kairi, Riku, and Terra.

The presentation also showcased new Mii Fighter Costumes, including an Octoling and Judd from Splatoon 2, and the infamous Doom Slayer from the eponymous Doom franchise. Rumors about Doom Slayer have been around for several years, so it’s nice that he is at least joining as a Mii Costume. These will be available starting October 18th for $0.75 USD each.

In addition, the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts games will also be making the jump to the Nintendo Switch as playable cloud games. Information on their price and availability is promised to be coming soon.

Who did you want to see join the Smash roster? I had my money on Master Hand, but I’m not too disappointed with Sora, either. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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