Here’s Your Chance to Work for Nintendo

If you’ve always been a fan of Nintendo and you’re an upcoming college graduate, Nintendo has listed several internship opportunities on their career website!

There are currently 15 internship openings at Nintendo’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Internships that were offered for summer 2021 were held remotely, but it is unknown if the same will be offered for 2022 as businesses look toward returning to their offices.

These open positions range across several different fields including finance, public relations, and engineering. All are part of a program that takes place from June 2022 to August 2022, offering an experience to work with industry experts and “[put] smiles on faces of millions around the world,” as noted within each job description.

As a Nintendo of America Intern, you will actively contribute to meaningful projects, and gain valuable hands-on work experience with a leading company in the entertainment industry. During the program from June through August, your work experience will be enhanced with mentoring, networking opportunities and exposure to industry leaders from across the company! Whether you are in a technical or non-technical role, you will be a part of a team committed to putting smiles on faces of millions around the world.

Nintendo of America Careers

The full list of internships can be found on Nintendo of America’s career website. Here’s the chance to work with Nintendo and get serious about fun!

Source: Nintendo
Featured image: Nintendo UK

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