Eternals Expands the Marvel Universe: Impressions of a Diverse Movie

I’ve watched every Disney Marvel movie in theaters with my wife opening day or weekend, including Iron Man which, back then, we were just coworkers. This tradition has gone on for well over thirteen years. So it definitely is always special and we make a date night out of if. So as tradition, we attended the twenty-sixth film in the Marvel cinematic universe–Eternals.

The Eternals team that is sent to earth is comprised of ten members. They have been on Earth for nearly 7,000 years and were originally sent to purge the planet of deviants. For a description of each member, see the following:

  • Ajak – The leader who has direct contact with the celestial Arishem The Judge, who sent them to Earth. Her main power comprises of a healer and advisor.
  • Sersi – Main power molecular and atomic manipulation.
  • Ikaris – Main power fastest in flight and energy focused eye beams.
  • Kingo – Main power molecular energy projection.
  • Sprite – Main power is illusionist.
  • Phastos – Main power matter manipulation and regeneration
  • Makkari – Main power strength and speed.
  • Druig – Main powers teleportation and mind control.
  • Gilgamesh – Main power super strength and durability.
  • Thena – Main power strength and cosmic weapon creation.

Unity, is the state of being united or joined as a whole, and it is what any well-functioning team needs, especially when you have a lot of diversity within that group. When a team is unified it makes the team think as one and each member knows the others strengths and weaknesses and how it can accomplish the goals that they are tasked with or strive for. When you add independent thoughts or notions this is when the hive mind strays and a united team starts to fall apart. How does Eternals come together to inspire the fans?

Coming into the movie, I thought that telling enough background details for ten Eternals was going to be a difficult task, but the perfect amount of attention and detail was given for each character purposefully. Yes, some needed a little more detail to them to get the desired story and outcome, like the romantic past between Sersi and Ikaris, but it was enough for me to take in. The action, comedy, and drama came at the right time and in good doses as well. I truly loved that the powers of each Eternal were used individually and together in creative ways, like the bond between Gilgamesh and Thena while fighting the deviants. The bond reminded me of Bruce Banner when he becomes the Hulk and Black Widow has to calm him down after a fight, a similar scenario happens takes place with Thena remembering a previous life that interferes with her current one. Overall this movie gave me much to think about.

As we sat and watched Eternals, I was astounded by how much diversity was present throughout this movie. It didn’t matter who the character was, what they looked like, or whom they associated with, which was a different change of pace for me in a movie; not because other Marvel movies lack them, it just seems more noticeable this time around. One great example of this was the Eternal Makkari. In the movie, Makkari is played by Lauren Ridloff who both in the movie and in real life is deaf. I can only imagine how powerful it is for anyone who is deaf in real life to see the movie and witness sign language being used to communicate with others. This example teaches us that despite differences of one’s body, a person is not limited in what they can achieve. My favorite character, however, was one of the Eternals known as Gilgamesh, who overall embodied someone I would envy and look up to with similar traits in real life. I gravitate more to a positive vibe and he was a good mix of being positive, funny, empathetic, and wise. This movie I believe has somebody for everyone to relate to.

The diversity of coarse is abundant in the movie; however as the movie progresses, the lack of unity among the team brings forth the underlying story. Ultimately the difference of opinion is what causes the turmoil within the plot, but it was done so intricately that the movie made me think on all fronts when it came to who was friend and who was foe. Multiple enemies always makes for interesting story arcs, and I do believe that this movie handled in well.

Watching the entirety of the movie was a nice rollercoaster that did not make me sick after exiting the ride. With the traditional bonus end credit scenes the movie creates more opportunities to tell future stories, becoming a staple it seems, with all Marvel cinematic adventures. With little to no knowledge going into this movie, I felt I was highly entertained and well taken care of within the confines of this unique story.

Watching yet another sound piece from Marvel Studios, I can not wait for what reveals come next with the stories they choose to tell. I highly anticipate Spiderman: No Way Home coming in December and cannot wait for more creative stories to experience.

Will you be watching this movie? Do you have any knowledge from the comics on the Eternals? What is your most anticipated Marvel Movie or show coming in the future? Tell us your thoughts.

Shane Kelley is a Staff writer for Boss Rush Network, as well as a writer for Another Zelda Podcast. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can find him on Twitter to talk video games, Marvel, and axe throwing.

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