Boss Rush Banter: Did the Nintendo Switch OLED Deliver?

The holiday time is fast approaching and Nintendo has released a shiny new version of their version of the Switch. New features such as a larger 7″ OLED screen, enhanced speakers, LAN port, and larger internal storage separate itself from the original model. You may be looking to buy a special someone new console or you may be wondering if it is worth upgrading from a previous Switch model for yourself. I recently upgraded my launch model for the OLED, and will be letting you know if it is worth the $350 price tag.

The most impressive feature is the larger OLED screen, it better be if it is included in the name itself. Without seeing it in person it is difficult to describe how much of an improvement the OLED makes. Dark areas are a void of light which make the colorful items appear more vibrant. The increase of 0.8″ to the screen size doesn’t look substantial on paper, but it would be hard to go back to the original model with its larger bezel.

The other features included are just light additions that sweeten the overall package. While playing in handheld mode you will notice a crisper, less muffled, sound from the speakers. The LAN port on the newly designed dock, is a nice feature for those that will use it. I did not take advantage and will not be able to share any connectivity improvements. The larger, more stable kickstand on the back of the unit is a huge upgrade over the original’s, which was approximately 1″ wide. Of course the added storage, from 32GB to 64GB, is appreciated; however, I already invested in a MicroSD card that has more than double that amount. I may learn to appreciate that extra space as my library increases over time, but at this time it is going unnoticed.

So now for the question: Did the Switch OLED deliver? Yes it did deliver everything that Nintendo advertised. The new screen is truly a sight to behold. But the Switch OLED did not deliver on what the internet tried to wish into existence of a “Switch Pro”. I do not consider the Switch OLED to be a proper upgrade that we have seen in the past, it is more like the bragging version of the Switch. I was able to justify the expense since I was able to sell my launch day model for $260. An extra $90 for a new unit, battery, and larger screen is well worth the money. If you can find a similar deal I do not think you will be disappointed. If you are getting a Switch model for the first time than this is definitely the model to invest in, as it gives the best experience overall.

What are your thoughts on the Switch OLED? Were you able to find one before scalpers and bots snatched them up? Will this new model convince you to get your first Switch? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to join our Discord to further the conversations.

Image Source: iMore

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