Boss Rush Banter: Is the Rumored Nintendo “Switch Pro” Worth Buying?

Rumors and leaks about the fabled Switch Pro have been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of weeks. According to leakers, the new console will mark a significant improvement on the original Switch. Not only will it feature a larger, brighter screen, but it is also set for massively enhanced internals – and, perhaps best of all, it’s rumored to be arriving this year.

According to Bloomberg, the new model will sport a 7” screen (current model is 6.2”) and will be replacing LCD technology with a OLED screen which will make the images brighter and more crisp. Handheld mode will run at 720p with the OLED screen. Additionally, when the Switch is docked and played on a TV it will supposedly support 4K which will be a new frontier for Nintendo.

Nintendo has a history of releasing new hardware to rejuvenate systems. With the GameBoy, they released the GameBoy Pocket, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy Advance. They did the same with the DS models as well. However, the Switch just entered its fifth year on the market and, aside from the Switch Lite, there has not been a refresher on the systems hardware, yet sales continue to increase.

With Sony and Microsoft releasing hyper powerful next gen consoles with no load times and getting more stock of them on the market, Nintendo could use a little push to stay in the game and be competitive. It’s no surprise to me that Nintendo wants to increase power on their systems as well. Even their franchises have evolved their games in Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and future release Pokemon Arceus.

As someone who travels for work often, I am extremely excited to see that the new hardware will still be a hybrid system and I can take it on the go with me. Even better is being able to play games in 720p! I would absolutely love to explore Hyrule, escape Hades, and even search for treasure in Captain Toad with updated graphics and better frame rates.

Will all the new and exciting features be enough for you to buy this new iteration of the Switch? Or will you need more convincing or even some game announcements? Let us know in our Discord or in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Boss Rush Banter: Is the Rumored Nintendo “Switch Pro” Worth Buying?

  1. I might be grumpy, especially if it’s hard to get, but I’ll definitely give Nintendo my money for this. Especially if there’s a 4k release of Breath of the Wild.

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