Boss Rush Banter: How Often Should Nintendo Update Their Nintendo Switch Online Libraries?

In October 2021, Nintendo’s Expansion Pack brought Nintendo 64 games to Switch like Ocarina of Time and StarFox 64, and Sega Genesis games like Castlevania: Bloodlines. Now, two months later, the company has added another game, Paper Mario, to the library as of December 10th. But this new inclusion to NSO has been met with mixed reviews in regards to how Nintendo is going about releasing these beloved games. 

When first announced, NSO promised nine games at launch, with seven more games (like Paper Mario, Majora’s Mask, and Banjo-Kazooie) coming down the road. While the original library of games has plenty of content for players of all ages, many gamers hopped on the Expansion Pack for these future releases. So after two months, is getting just one new game added to the program setting a good pace for the Expansion Pack?

On one hand, having releases more spaced out allows each new game a few months in the “spotlight.” This gives new players time to experience the game, and veteran players can take their time to revisit their favorite titles. As someone with only a limited amount of time to even play video games, I’m okay with one new game every few months, as it usually takes me anywhere between one to three months to even complete a game. 

But I have to admit, I was really hoping to see more games available sooner rather than later, and much of the internet seems to agree. With the seven games announced for the Nintendo 64, it will be more than a year before we get them all on the console given the rate of getting one new release every two months. With the NES and SNES each having nearly fifty games available each, and even the Sega Genesis having a whopping fourteen games, having only 16 games for the Nintendo 64 after a year seems really lackluster when you look at it.

And that’s just looking at the Nintendo 64. Fans of the Sega Genesis have no clue if they are even getting more games at all, or if the fourteen games from launch is what we’re stuck with.

Personally, I’m choosing to be optimistic. With the recent announcement of Banjo-Kazooie coming to the platform in January 2022, I have a good feeling that we’ll see more and more content added to these online libraries for many years to come. And while I’d love to see all my favorites available as soon as possible, I feel like getting all the games at once and not having anything to look forward to would leave me feeling incomplete.

Where do you stand? Would you like to see Nintendo drop all these games as soon as they can? Or are you glad the releases are going to be more spaced out? Either way, let us know your thoughts and ideas below, or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.

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