PlayStation Plus Subscribers To Get Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 Version for FREE

Did you get Final Fantasy VII Remake when it was a free game on PlayStation Plus? Were you upset that the freebie wasn’t eligible for an update to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade this past summer? Fret not. Square Enix has a special Christmas present for PlayStation gamers this Wednesday!

Via Twitter, Square Enix announced today that PlayStation Plus subscribers who had redeemed the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake when it was one of the free games for March 2021 will be able to upgrade to Intergrade, the official PlayStation 5 version this week. FOR FREE!

The Square Enix took it one step further and also announced that the Yuffie DLC Episode, Episode Intermission, will be getting a limited-time 25% discount. A date was not given for when the discount would run, but we can speculate that it will probably happen Wednesday this week as well.

When Intergrade was announced and then released this past summer, a lot of PlayStation Plus subscribers were not pleased when Square Enix announced that gamers redeeming the PS4 freebie were not eligible for the free PS5 upgrade that owners of the PS4’s physical and digital editions of Final Fantasy VII Remake were receiving with Intergrade’s release. Redemption of the PlayStation Plus version of Remake also disqualified gamers to download and add Episode Intermission to their library because (at the time) it was a PS5 version exclusive.

The news comes behind the December 16th release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Epic Game Store. Sadly, the PC port has been plagued with major issues ranging from framerate and stuttering issues, and, more infuriatingly for PC gamers, limited graphics options.

Are you excited that all versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake can now get a free upgrade to the PS5 version? Let us know in our Discord or Facebook group!

Source: Twitter

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