Square Enix: “SSD Speed is Why Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is PS5 Exclusive”

Zach and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Image courtesy and © Square Enix)

During an interview with the Japanese publication Gamer, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth producer Yoshinori Kitase claimed several factors involved in deciding not to release the game for PS4.

“It’s exclusive to PlayStation 5 because of the graphical quality, of course, as well as SSD access speed,” he said (translated by Gematsu). “Since the adventure unfolds in a vast world after the escape from Midgar, loading stress is an extreme bottleneck. We felt we needed the specifications of PlayStation 5 to overcome that and travel the world comfortably.”


In a reveal trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth shown last month, gamers got their first taste of events to come in part two of the planned Final Fantasy Remake trilogy. Part one, Final Fantasy VII Remake, was released in 2020 for PS4 before later releasing on PS5 and PC the following year.

During early marketing before its 2020 launch, the SSD for PS5 was highlighted as Sony’s headline feature for next-gen, with architect Mark Cerny calling the storage drive “a true game-changer.” Cerny claimed the drive could affect not just loading times, but fundamentally change how game developers build their game worlds for PS5 exclusive games that don’t have to rely on hard drives used in older consoles such as PS4.

When Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was announced last month, creative director Tetsuya Nomura said the sequel was being designed so that people can enjoy it whether they know the original game or not. “In fact, new players might even enjoy starting their Final Fantasy VII journey with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth,” he said. “Cloud and his friends embark on a new journey in this game, and I believe that the scenes that they witness after leaving Midgar will give players a fresh, new experience.”

While both the Xbox Series X and S also use SSD storage Final Fantasy VII Remake is yet to release for Microsoft‘s console, likely due to an exclusivity deal.

© 2020 Square Enix

You can play Final Fantasy VII Remake now on PS4 and PS5, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade now for PS5 and PC.

Are you excited for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? What are your thoughts about the game not releasing for PS4?

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(Feature Image: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth courtesy and © Square Enix)

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