Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets an Update on Music.

As part of the 7-day dev update for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, day 6 arrives with an update from Music Supervisor Keiji Kawamori. His tweet answers the question of whether Rebirth will feature original music:

Kawamori announced that the team has made a lot of new tracks and, amazingly enough, new arrangements to the music of the previous Final Fantasy Remake. That is awesome news! The games set in the world of Final Fantasy VII have always been known for their enjoyable scores, including “One-Winged Angel”, the infamous Sephiroth theme. But my personal favorite track from Final Fantasy VII Remake was “Avalanche’s Theme”. I’m sure there will be tons of bangers in Rebirth. But all of these updates have me wondering if they will lead to a full trailer during Summer Game Fest.

What do you all think about this music news? Are you excited for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? We got another day of updates tomorrow and we’ll keep you in the know right here. Until then, hit us up in the comments below and check out our Facebook Group and Discord where we discuss all things gaming.

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Featured Image: Square Enix (via Gaming Instincts)

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