Boss Rush Banter: Is There a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer Coming to Summer Game Fest?

Summer Game Fest will finally make its way to our viewing eyes this week and as our friend, Geoff Keighly, promises this will be the biggest show yet. Some time ago, there were rumors floating that the producers of Final Fantasy VII Remake would host a seven-day update for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Looks like those rumors were indeed true because daily updates of the highly anticipated sequel are popping up from Friday (6/2) until now in the form of a singular question to a singular answer from one of the devs. Funny thing is, the seventh day is the premiere of Summer Game Fest. What will happen on the seventh day? Let’s take a look of what we learned about the game so far:

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Day 1: Producer Yoshinori Kitase assures fans that they are now on the release date phase of development. The target release window is still winter of 2023 which should be around November to March.

Image Credit: Final Fantasy VII

Day 2: Everyone knows that after escaping Midgar from the OG game, you enter a wide open world, and we hoped that Rebirth would go this direction. A high degree of freedom? Experiencing a myriad of different stores? This sounds very promising!

Image Credit: Final Fantasy VII

Day 3: The great Kazushige Nojima promises deeper discoveries of each character’s destiny and a chain of narrative developments. After the whole (spoiler alert) the revelation of multiple timelines, I wonder how far deep in new territory we go with each of the characters.

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Day 4: Co-Director Motomu Toriyama is prepared for the future as players will be able to enjoy Rebirth even if they haven’t played Remake. When it was announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be episodic, some players have decided to only begin playing after every part of the saga is complete. If some change their minds and want to hop into Rebirth, they wouldn’t feel left out. Then again, I hope this doesn’t totally alienate those who have played the first game and do some kind of call back to Remake.

Image Credit: Final Fantasy VII

Day 5: Battle Director Teruki Endo let us know that new members will be able to team up with you during battle and a deep cooperation with other party members…so team attacks sound pretty cool! I wonder how a synergy limit break attack from Cloud and Cait Sith would look like?

So, as of the day of this writing, we got five days of dev updates for Rebirth so far, and the timing is very interesting. Is this leading up to a trailer for Summer Game Fest coming on 6/8?

What does it all mean? Let us know what you think so far down at the comments below and check out our Facebook Group and Discord where you get the latest updates on gaming and entertainment.

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