Valorant’s New Agent Arrives This Week

Despite what gamers may think of Riot Games, there is no denying that they have had great success with their products. The League of Legends brand has served them well over the last decade plus, allowing them to not only keep its globally popular MOBA interesting and competitive, but experiment with spinoff games like Ruined King: A League of Legends Story and create their very popular Netflix show, Arcane. Their biggest success, however, has been their competitive first person shooter, Valorant, captivating players from across the globe with it’s Counterstrike-like focus fully realized in an Overwatch-style hero shooter.

This week, Valorant is adding a new agent called Neon. Revealed in a spectacular trailer on their YouTube channel, Neon is a fast-paced electric shooter, specializing in zipping around the map faster than any other agent. The trailer also shows off the agent in spectacular fashion, showing off electricity sparking off her fingertips as she taps a table, her zipping around her apartment cleaning to showcase her speed, and most importantly, one of her abilities, lifting two massive walls of electricity. She is free to run in and out of them at will, but stops other agents in their tracks.

Neon will arrive in Valorant with the next big update, Episode 4: Disruption, speculated by fans to start on January 12th, the day after the current battle pass ends. What are your thoughts on Valorant? Does this new agent look fun? Let us know in our Discord or Facebook group!

Source: Valorant YouTube Channel, Game Informer

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