Steam Announces 2022 Sale Dates and New Policy Changes

Valve has recently revealed the dates for the upcoming Steam sales for the first half of 2022, as well as changes to its policies that should be more accommodating to developers.

Below is the list of all currently planned Steam sales, including the anticipated Summer Sale:

  • Steam Next Fest: Focusing on upcoming games with playable demos: February 21-28
  • Remote Play Together: Focusing on cooperative and multiplayer games: February 28 – March 7
  • JRPG Sale: March 14 – 21
  • SimFest (Hobby Edition): Focusing on games that simulate work (Farming Simulator, PowerWash Simulator, etc): March 28 – April 4
  • Die-A-Lot Sale: Focusing on games with a high difficulty, primarily roguelikes, Metroidvanias, etc: May 2 – 9
  • Racing Sale: May 23 – 30
  • Steam Next Fest: Similar to the Next Fest in February, but with different titles: June, exact dates TBA
  • Steam Summer Sale: The annual Steam-wide summer sale that often has the largest, steepest discounts – June 23 – July 7
  • Survival Game Sale: July 18 – 25

Valve also stated the changes they are making that should aid developers during these sales. Under the current rules, there must be a six-week cooldown period between discounts, with the exception being towards big seasonal sales such as the Steam Summer Sale. With the new rules, beginning March 28th, developers will be able to apply a discount to their games after only 28 days.

In addition, discounts cannot last longer than two weeks, nor can it be shorter than 24 hours.

While these aren’t major changes to how the Steam store works, it does mean that games are able to go on sale much more often, and that consumers will have even more opportunities to nab these titles at a lower price.

Do you look forward to participating in Steam’s sales, such as the Summer Sale? Do you have a massive Steam backlog, like I have, due to these sales? We’d love to hear your opinions on our Facebook and Discord pages!

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Source: Steam, WCCF Tech

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