Metroid Dread Free Updates Announced at Nintendo Direct

At today’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced two free updates are coming to the 2021 hit Metroid Dread. The first update will feature two new gameplay modes: Dread Mode and Rookie Mode. While the content is not new in terms of adding to the story, Metroid fans will likely be thrilled with this move.

The community is known for posting and comparing completion times and percentages, so a Dread Mode will certainly add another method of comparison and challenge for veterans. In Dread Mode, just a single hit results in a game over.

The release of Metroid Dread brought a lot of new fans to the franchise; however, one source of criticism was the game’s difficulty, which many felt was harsh and inaccessible to younger and newer players. In Rookie Mode, players are granted increased recovery (essentially a higher recharge of life when players collect energy). The announcement of Rookie Mode shows Nintendo is listening and continues to care about building up the Metroid franchise.

Dread Mode and Rookie mode will be available later today.

Beyond creating more access for both veteran and newer players, Nintendo will also be releasing a second update in April featuring a Boss Rush Mode. This will allow players to face off against challenging boss after boss, one right after the other in endless combat.

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Source: Nintendo

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