New look At Kirby and the Forgotten Lands Shown at Nintendo Direct

During the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showcased a bit more of our favorite pink puffball, sorry Jigglypuff. A 3D adventure in a mysterious world where Kirby must restore peace and save the Waddle Dees. Look forward to this title on Nintendo Switch on March 25th, 2022.

Some new options we see in the trailer are quite an interesting mouthful. We see Kirby vacuum up a car and become a set of wheels with a license to take out obstacles and enemies. These abilities differ from that of the copy ability.  We see other objects enter the belly of Kirby such as a vending machine, traffic cone, and light bulb. What was also interesting though is the RPG elements we see. As you journey through the game you will unlock more content for the Waddle Dee village, and you will be able to buy and upgrade copy abilities. These added features seem to give the game a lot more depth and various ways to tackle tasks to change how you play the game.

What are your thoughts on Kirby? Does the new style make you want to try it out? Did you enjoy todays Nintendo Direct? What was your favorite announcement from the direct? Please share your thoughts.

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