Newly Announced Mario Strikers Battle League Kicks Its Way on to Nintendo Switch This June

After 15 years on hiatus Nintendo is rolling out a new strikers game titled Mario Strikers: Battle League. This will be the third entry in the series and will be gracing the Nintendo Switch community on June 10th 2022 with pre-orders starting now.

Nintendo brings the zany 5 on 5 soccer/futbal franchise back to the limelight. Players must steal, tackle, and kick their way to the goal with the help of items and powerful strike moves that differ from each character. On top of that, suit up your character with various gear that changes your stats such as speed, strength, and technique, ultimately altering your strategy to win. Grab an orb that appears on the field that allows you to perform a hyper strike that can effectively give your team an extra goal.  Up to 8-players can show off their fancy footwork at a time. Additionally online play has online clubs that up to 20 players can join and try to become the worlds top club.

Were you surprised that a new Strikers is coming? What other sports games do you want to come to Switch?  Did you enjoy todays Nintendo Direct? What was your favorite announcement from the direct? Please share your thoughts.

Share your reactions below or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord (or you can use the QR code below)! 


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