Gran Turismo 7 Not Releasing In Russia

Sony Interactive Entertainment removed Gran Turismo 7 from release in the Russian Federation on the day of the highly anticipated racer’s launch.

Gran Turismo 7 ©2022 Polyphony Digital, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Gran Turismo 7 was released for PS5 and PS4 this past week (March 4, 2022) worldwide but it is currently unavailable to buy digitally via the Russian PlayStation Store. Currently, all listings for Gran Turismo 7 show its release date as “pending confirmation”.

Sony has recently garnered uncomfortable attention around the world right now as it is currently the most high-profile game company which has yet to withdraw products from sale in Russia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian act of aggression began on February 24th and is being aided by neighboring country Belarus.

Eurogamer claims Sony made the decision not to sell the game in Russia on Thursday night, although the company has yet to officially comment on the move.

Last week, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister called upon Xbox and PlayStation to halt support in both Russia and Belarus. Mykhailo Fedorov encouraged both platform holders to block all Russian and Belarusian accounts and temporarily stop the participation of their nations’ teams and players in all international esports events. In a now-deleted tweet, Fedorov also called on Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Wargaming to close their offices in Russia. He wrote: “There’s no place for aggressor on the global technological map!”

Neither Sony nor Microsoft has responded to the letter and there has been no official word from Sony on the company’s removal of Gran Turismo 7 from release in Russia.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s suspension of Gran Turismo 7 in the Russian Federation? Do you feel that gaming companies would make a bigger impact against countries that create humanitarian crises?
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Gran Turismo 7 is currently available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Source: Video Games Chronicle, Eurogamer

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