God of War, Horizon, Gran Turismo TV Shows in the Works

Sony has announced that three of their major properties will be getting television show adaptations. God of War will be produced by Amazon, and Horizon will be streamed on Netflix. A third show, based on racing franchise Gran Turismo, is currently not attached to a platform or network.

All of this was revealed during Thursday’s investor briefing, as well as confirmed by industry insider David Gibson.

Sony president Jim Ryan had previously stated that the company was seeking to expand in the realm of entertainment and bring more of their PlayStation properties to film and TV.

In March 2020, Sony revealed that a show based on The Last of US was in development at HBO; a film adaptation of Uncharted also released earlier this year.

Sony’s recent acquisition of Bungie has also lead many to believe that they have plans to bring the franchise Destiny to film and/or television in the near future.

The prospect of seeing some of the biggest and most popular gaming franchises get new adaptations can be exciting, although such depictions are often not of the best quality. Still, recent successes of Uncharted, Sonic the Hedgehog and its sequel gives us hope that this adaptations will do the games justice.

Gran Turismo in particular is the one that stands out, as the franchise is designed as a racing simulator. It seeks to provide gamers with an authentic feel for the cars included in the game, which is something that is nearly impossible to translate as a TV show. The fact that the games have little to no plot also makes this a curious choice.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to any or all of these shows? What other games do you want to see become a television series? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and on the official Discord server!

Source: IGN, David Gibson, Inspiration Seek

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