Boss Rush Banter: Are You Able to Split Your Gaming Attention Span?

There was a long stretch where only a small handful of games would grab my attention in any given year. It was great! It let me focus on and methodically comb through each game I bought. And I rarely felt the latent guilt a backlog can provide. Then, along came 2022.

I brought last year to a close savoring every last sling of the web with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. And since I came to that game first, worked backwards to Spider-Man right after. And for the first time in years, found myself having to rush to clear the way for the feast of games the new year brought.

I had just enough time to watch credits roll on Spider-Man‘s last DLC before Horizon: Forbidden West dropped. Understand, Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of my all-time favorite games. So, anything that could compete with it for my attention would have to be huge. And, well, like so many of you I’m sure that thing was Elden Ring. To be clear, this is a great problem to have. And ulitmately it’s just cool that both these games promise dozens of hours of fun and challenge in the weeks and months to come.

Even better: In my case, these two games occupy specific niches. In Horizon‘s case, it’s a game I’ve enjoyed with my daughter. So, we are tackling the Forbidden West using that game’s amazing – and somewhat secret – “copilot mode”, which allows us to play it like a couch co op title. She gets to snipe with the sharpshot bow, while I take over when our cover is blown. Elden Ring on the other hand joins a long line of FromSoftware games that have been the best excuses to party up with my friends on PSN and just hang out. Maybe help each other, maybe talk strategy or character builds, but mostly just explore a thrilling new game world together.

How about you? Are you able to play multiple games in the same timeframe? If so, what’s your limit? If not, would any two games force you to try? Tell us about it in the comments or join us over at the Boss Rush Discord!

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