Boss Rush Banter: Would You Enjoy a Super Smash Bros. Movie?

The director for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film made news this week when he expressed interest in making a Super Smash Bros. movie. In an interview with, Jeff Fowler said, “Nothing would make me happier than to just throw all the characters into a battle royale and do a big Smash Bros. thing. That would probably require some work from the lawyers before that could happen.”

Fowler was clearly responding to a hypothetical question from’s Chris Killian, but it’s exciting to consider what such a film would look like. Obviously, the legal hurdles alone would be a nightmare; but assuming that those issues could be worked out in light of the enormous profit potential, the Marvel Cinematic Universe provides a good road map.

An initial Super Smash Bros. movie probably would be best if it had a limited cast of characters; more could certainly be added if the film were a success and a sequel released. After all, the original Smash game only had 12 characters to choose from.

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Characters like Sonic and Mario already have their own movies, either released or soon-to-be released. Detective Pikachu certainly had a successful release and would be easy to follow up if more origin material were to be needed. A Donkey Kong film is rumored to be in the works. Adding in Link, Ness, and Samus would be plenty in terms of additions and plot twists in a Super Smash Bros. film. If the movie proves successful, more origin films can be released before a sequel.

Of course, sometimes video games are better simply as what they are—a vehicle for enjoyment. Not everything has to be turned into a film, and when it is done poorly, it can leave fans of a beloved franchise feeling sour.

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