Bugsnax Coming To Xbox Game Pass Later This Month

Chalk up the latest info on Octodad studio’s game Bugsnax in the “news we did not expect at all” category. Bugsnax is officially making the jump to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, April 28th.

Having originally launched on PlayStation 5 in 2020, Bugsnax was a humorous sleeper hit for the newly launched system. Bugsnax was favorably reviewed by various outlets across the internet and currently sits on Metacritic with a 75 aggregate score. The single-player, first-person game could basically be described as a “bug collecting narrative game with a twist” which had players collecting snacklike bug creatures that you could eat.

Bugsnax (image copyright and courtesy of Young Horses, Fangamer)

When Bugsnax launches on Xbox it will include The Isle of Bigsnax update which is the newest update for the game. Players will be able to explore a strange island that has risen from the sea and crawling with giant-sized Bugsnax, along with other new content. The Isle of Bigsnax also features new trophies and achievements following a fan campaign to include them in the update.

Bugsnax will launch on Xbox Series platforms, Windows 10, and Steam for $24.99 (USD) and also come to Game Pass on Xbox, PC, and Cloud.

Bugsnax and The Isle of Bigsnax update are also coming to Nintendo Switch on April 28th.

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Source: Pure Xbox

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