Streets of Rage Movie Adaptation In The Works

According to Deadline, SEGA is planning on bringing another one of their long-running franchises to the big screen: Streets of Rage.

Derek Kolstad, the writer of the John Wick series and the movie Nobody, has already penned a script based on the side-scrolling beat ’em up. Production studios dj2 Entertainment and Escape Artists are set to go for production duties, dj2 Entertainment known for producing the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film.

The Streets of Rage series, which saw its most recent release Streets of Rage 4 in April of 2020, follows the paths of Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Adam Hunter, and other allies on the hunt to rid Wood Oak City of the criminal organization The Syndicate. Throughout the various entries in the series, other characters have joined the fray like Adam’s brother Skate and his daughter Cherry Hunter, pro wrestler Max Thunder, cybernetic warrior Dr. Gilbert Zan and his patient (with cybernetic arms) Floyd Iraia. Even a kangaroo, Roo!

dj2 Entertainment is also set to bring a few video game-to-movie adaptions in the near future, most notably Disco Elysium, It Takes Two, and Life is Strange.

No details are available at the moment on story and characters, but be sure to expect Axel, Blaze and Adam to dish out the pain when the film comes out.

You excited for the upcoming Streets of Rage film, or are you filled with cautious optimism like I am? Sound off in the comments, or head over to our Discord using the link here, or the QR code at the bottom of the page.

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