Final Fantasy XVI Producer States “Game is Pretty Much Complete;” Trailer Coming “Soon”

During a live stream for NieR Re[in]carnation, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida (sometimes referred to by the nickname “Yoshi-P”) stated that the game “is pretty much complete,” that the development team has “spent a long time polishing and debugging the game,” and that a trailer will be coming “soon.”

This comes from popular Japanese translator @aitakimochi, who regularly translates Japanese video game content from magazines, interviews, and more for English speaking audiences.

While Yoshida-san’s comment will undoubtedly have fans excited, it should be noted that this doesn’t mean that the game is fully completed, nor is it about to be released. Yoshida-san clarifies that Final Fantasy XVI is going through rigorous debugging and testing, which can take some time.

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest game in the long running JRPG franchise, which began 35 years ago in 1987. Not much has been shown about this sixteenth entry since it’s unveiling during E3 2020.

The game reportedly has a one year console exclusivity deal for the PS5, with expectations that a PC port will come sometime after 6 months after release. Hopefully, much more concrete details, including a release date, will emerge soon following Yoshida-san’s most recent statements.

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Source: @aitakimochi, Level Up

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