Final Fantasy XVI Gets New Trailer, Summer 2023 Release Date

Editor’s Note: Originally this article stated that the game was unveiled during E3 2021, but it was actually announced in September 2020; this has been corrected .

Square-Enix revealed during Sony’s State of Play on Thursday a new trailer for their hotly anticipated JRPG Final Fantasy XVI, as well as a release date of Summer 2023.

The game was first unveiled during a PS5 event in 2020, along with information that Naoki Yoshida will be producing and Hiroshi Takai is directing.

This new trailer highlights the action RPG gameplay, featuring protagonist Clive Rosfield performing acrobatic flips, mesmerizing magical attacks, and devastating combos with his arsenal of weaponry.

As has been theorized, much of the game appears to be a solo adventure, with Clive being unaccompanied by other party members. Clive does seem to be able to change his weaponry during battle, thus changing his abilities. This is reminiscent of another recently title Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Boss battles appear to take inspiration from fighting games, with health bars for both sides being displayed in the top corners.

The trailer also focuses on many of the franchise’s iconic summons, or Eidolons, such as Bahamut, Shiva, Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, Phoenix, and Odin. The trailer seems to suggest that each of these powerful beings inhabit a human-like body, but can transform into their colossal forms when in great need.

No other information was given, but we are hoping to receive much more concrete details before the game’s release next year.

Are you satisfied with these new details for Final Fantasy XVI? What do you think of the combat direction? Which game in the storied franchise is your favorite? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to join our official Discord server for more video game updates and discussions!

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Source: State of Play

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